Waste management

A lot of waste is sorted each day by our store teams, brand sites, core network services and warehouses; notably paper and cardboard, plastics, metal and wood.
In 2015, over 66,000 tonnes of waste were generated by our sites.

Types of waste generate

Decathlon is endeavouring to reduce the amount of waste it generates and to increase the quantity of sorted and recovered waste.
Although some countries have set up a clearly defined waste management system in collaboration with specific service providers, many others have yet to reach a similar level of maturity. For them, our environmental project managers are encouraging the creation of a network of autonomous and responsible leaders in order to duplicate the existing energy consumption management system.
Over and above the banner’s contribution to recovering its own waste, some Passion brands are developing products produced using recycled materials.


Creation and success of an environmental policy in Spain

After Iñigo Garcia revealed his passion for the environment by becoming environmental manager for Spain in 2014, all our Spanish team mates were rewarded in 2015 for the launch and the success of their environmental policy at the ‘Green Awards’, Decathlon’s internal competition that rewards collaborator initiatives that favour the environment.
Just as in Italy, a community was created using Decathlon’s internal social network to bring together and animate local stakeholders.

Copy of Recyclage Espagne
The Customer Commercial Event that mobilised collaborators and customers for the Spanish beach clean-up operation in 2015.

A number of actions see the light of day including the extremely successful Spanish beach clean-up operation!
Thanks to the motivation and commitment of our team mates and over 3,000 customers, 20 tonnes of waste were collected and 2,500 trees planted.

Our goal is to recycle 100% of our in-store waste

Iñigo Garcia, Environmental Manager - Spain.
Copy of IGARCI06
The Spanish environmental policy for the collection of in-store waste. Iñigo Garcia, Environmental Manager - Spain.
  • What are your objectives in terms of waste management?

    Our goal is to recycle 100% of the in-store waste generated in our 133 stores and also our warehouses. The objective is to limit the environmental impact of our sites and to contribute to the preservation of the planet, our playground, to be able to practice our sporting activities in the great outdoors. Also, recycling our waste represents a financial gain that provides all our Spanish stores the opportunity to use the resources to implement effective actions that favour the preservation of the environment.

  • What tools do you have to achieve this objective?

    First we have gathered together all the best practices in terms of waste management according to the type of waste and selected the very best. We then apply them by producing the required bins and containers with the appropriate signs. We contact firms specialising in the recycling of waste and at the same time invest in the required equipment that is made available at each of our sites. Our team mates sort the waste so the partner firms can recycle everything.
    At the same time we communicate to all the stores about how to organise the waste collection.

  • And have you had the results of this communication?

    Yes, and what’s more, at 10 of our sites, 100% of the waste is recovered for recycling by a specialised service provider! This goes to show it is possible to duplicate a performance in other sites. In all, we saved €100,000 of unsorted waste compared to 2014 thanks to an effective initiative and communication.

  • What actions do you have planned for 2016?

    We hope to improve our in-store waste sorting operations by organising monthly meetings to share best practices and concrete examples of initiatives.

  • How will the network be organised?

    We want to develop our knowledge of recycling in line with our different product lines such as bikes, textiles, and shoes thanks to local experts. We are going to appoint consultants according to product type for each region in order to have an overview and to offer help to stores with a problem.

  • Copy of IMG-20160226-WA0002
    Recycling bins in Spanish stores
  • Copy of Déchets - 2
    Recycling bins at the loading bays of our Spanish stores
  • Copy of Déchets - 1
    Waste recycling by our specialised subcontractor

Best practice from Turkey!

Team mates in Turkey decided to stop handing out “free” shopping bags in December 2015. Our Turkish teams wanted to limit the volume of waste generated by the bags and make Decathlon one of the first companies in Turkey to take such a symbolic decision to help protect the environment.

Decathlon sorts it out

Quantity of waste sorted by Decathlon teams worldwide
56% (vs 52% in 2014)

In 2015 the quantity of sorted waste increased by 4%. This increase follows on from the sustained efforts made by our warehouse teams (89% of waste sorted for recycling).

And the winner is …

In 2015, the warehouse waste champion is Dourges, in France!
With an incredible 97% recycling rate for 2015, achieved thanks to the motivated team mates who work there.

The quantity of in-store waste sorted for recycling dropped however by 11% to 41% due to a decline in sorting rates in our French stores.

Waste sorting performance (world)