The store works in partnership with sports clubs (special rates), helping them to improve their facilities, thereby playing a part in extending sport to more people. It doesn’t engage in any direct sponsorship or make donations.

It can help people back into community life through sport, forging a close relationship with local public bodies.

Waste recycling and reclamation is also managed at store level, depending on the existing recycling facilities in the area.

The store must now develop its remit to raise customers’ awareness of the impact their purchases and sports have on the environment.

Employees are recruited locally and paid according to a salary package defi ned by each country. Decathlon enhances the employability of its employees, largely through its culture of accountability that sees them gain in autonomy. Training is intrinsically linked to the responsibilities allocated early on in the role.

Store employees are in charge of managing energy consumption.

Employee health and safety are important issues for the business.

The store off ers its customers a range of aff ordable, high quality products and services (hi-tech/price ratio).

The store is keen to instil good, fair consumer practices and the lowest possible prices, and encourages store loyalty (promotional off ers, loyalty schemes, personalised advice, etc.).

The store organises events such as Vitalsport, as well as occasions like Foundation Day.

The store can help people back into community life through sport, forging a close relationship with local public bodies.

Located on the outskirts of towns and cities, the store should ideally be situated close to public transport links so as to make it easy to get to.

The store contributes to local government and council revenue (in the form of tax revenue, apprenticeship tax, local and property taxes, etc.) and uses investment to play a key role in the economic growth of its local area.

Stores and their community involvement


A Decathlon store acts as a continuous interface with its environment. A living space for employees and customers, it plays a role in developing the local community in many ways. We invite you to explore the various interactions between a store and its stakeholders, within the local direct impact area. A pilot project is currently underway to identify and strengthen stores’ positive action levers across their communities, for benefits that are shared by all those within them.
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