Encouraging eco-mobility

In order to limit our impact in terms of air pollution and climate change, we can all do our bit, however big or small, by favouring “soft” modes of transport like bicycles, scooters, car-pooling, public transport, etc.

Mobility definition

Mobility refers to all customer and team mate journeys, whether professional or home-to work.
In most cases, due to the geographic location of each site, the subject is dealt with at a purely local level. The actions concern for example free short or medium term bike share or days devoted to creating more awareness about the issue of mobility.

In France, some sites are beginning to put in place a mobility program with the creation of Company Mobility Plans (CMP) in accordance with current regulations. Based on a behavioural diagnosis, plans are set up with accompanying objectives to reduce private car use in favour of less polluting forms of transport.
Some actions have actually gone national. France is a good example. Bicycle parking facilities are systematically integrated into all new buildings. A platform to manage car-pooling between team mates is also being developed.


Go soft!

In 2015, two Passion brand base camps deployed a CMP:

  • The Mountain Store: the Quechua, Wed’ze and Simond mountain brands base camps,
  • The B’Twin Village: initially the base camp for our cycle brands, the site is also home to various central services, a fitness club, a boutique and several Passion brand teams.
  • Copy of Journée mobilité quechua
    Mobility Challenge Rhône-Alpes 2015 that was organised at the base camp of the Quechua, Wed’ze and Simond mountain brands
  • Copy of Challenge Mobilité NPDC Btwin
    Mobility Challenge Nord-Pas de Calais 2015 held at the B’Twin Village
  • Copy of Challenge Mobilité Campus 2015 - 2
    Mobility Challenge Nord-Pas de Calais 2015 at the Decathlon Campus

CMPs encourage the use of ‘soft’ modes of transport for team mate home-to-work journeys to include: bicycles, scooters, roller-skates, car-pooling, public transport, etc.

Steps taken by B’Twin Village for mobility:

  • Creation of bike garages, changing rooms and wash rooms,
  • Bike sharing for team mate members,
  • Aid for the purchase of equipment with an added reduction for Decathlon collaborators
  • Creation of events, notably the 2015 Mobility Challenge.
  • Both the above sites actively participated in the 2015 “Mobility” challenges organised in their respective regions (Rhône-Alpes and Nord-Pas de Calais), to take up the “I go to work differently” challenge and both received an award from the jury for the popularity, enthusiasm and number of teams taking place! The Mountain Store also received a special mention from the jury for its collaborators, “who transformed a day of labour into a day of fun and games with totally innovative modes of transport such as a paraglider, horse and kayak!”


    Relive the event with the Mountain Store video made by the Decathlon teams.

    Video shot by the Mountain Store base camp for the Challenge Mobilité Rhône-Alpes 2015

    See images of the B’Twin Village site in the video: Mobility Challenge, the first edition (2015) for the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

    Video made by B’Twin Village for the Mobility Challenge Nord-Pas de Calais 2015

    Numbers to make you happy

    92% of Mountain Store team mates took part in the sun-blessed Mobility Challenge. They won first prize in the Small town and rural zone category for firms employing over 50 team mates.

    27% of B’Twin Village collaborators took part in the Mobility Challenge, despite the rain and the cold! B’Twin Village went on to win first prize in the Active Mode category for companies with over 250 employees.

    Great results for both sites that managed to create a great mobility-focused fun day out for all. The events helped our team mates understand that we can all do something to help the environment and reduce our footprint by using “soft” solutions while having fun at the same time.