Attracting, rewarding and motivating team mates

Team mates’ pay reflects our company’s global economic strategies whilst being pegged in line with local markets.

There are three key values underpinning Decathlon’s pay policy:

  • Transparency: the manager explains the pay package to their team mates, and all information pertaining to salary, etc. is made available (different tools depending on the country).
  • Fairness: we aim to pay each team mate fairly, in keeping with their performance and development potential.
  • Consistency: our pay policy is in line with the company’s strategic priorities, managerial model and external competitiveness.
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    Individual Remuneration Report

    To make pay packages clearer and easier to understand, Decathlon provides employees in certain countries with an Individual Remuneration Report (IRR). This tool is designed to stipulate an employee’s exact annual overall salary, taking into account all the various components (fixed, variable, company benefits, etc). This statement is available in 13 of Decathlon’s 22 production countries.

    1,700,222 K€

    Decathlon’s payroll worldwide
    (i.e. 18.9% of turnover, from 1/01/2015 to 31/12/2015)

    Pay packages comprise a personal, fixed amount relating to individual responsibilities and a variable group-based amount linked to team performance.

    “My wages are fair in terms of my responsibilities.” % of people who answered “yes, absolutely” or "yes, quite"
    56% (vs 56% en 2014)

    of the company's team mates say they are happy with their pay*

    *Result from Decathlon Team Barometer conducted among Decathlon employees in September 2015, when polling 47,130 employees who responded).
    To boost this number, the company has introduced action plans based on transparency and raising awareness around this issue.
    In some countries, an employee shareholding scheme is in operation, to share the value created by the business with its team mates. For these people, this represents an opportunity to play a different role in Decathlon’s adventure, by developing a sense of belonging as well as establishing an asset.

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    Team mates feel a sense of co-owning Decathlon

    Since 1988, French team mates have been able to invest in the company through an employee shareholder scheme. Decathlon has since set itself the target of ensuring that 100% of its team mates are eligible to enjoy this benefit, with profit sharing subsequently and gradually being extended to more and more countries.
    In addition, 2015 saw team mates from four countries being given the chance to become shareholders for the first time ever, taking the number of countries offering their employees the opportunity to hold a stake in Decathlon’s capital to 24.
    In China, Decathlon is the first company not listed on the stock exchange that Chinese employees can partake in!

    Employee shareholders in 2015 as of 31/12/2015

    i.e. 36,171 employees were shareholders and held 11.71% of Decathlon’s capital.