Isabelle, Michel and Matthieu’s messages

Isabelle’s message

2015 was an important year in terms of sustainable development, for both the world, and for Decathlon.

Isabelle Guyader, Sustainable Development Leader, Decathlon
photo isa
Isabelle Guyader

During the COP 21 that took place in Paris, 195 countries collectively signed a historic agreement to combat global warming.
In September 2015, in order to increase quality of life for all, the UN presented it’s 17 sustainability goals to the whole world, including both private and public sector entities.
Decathlon supports these sustainable development goals, and has integrated into its Sustainable Development policy those upon which its activity has a direct impact.

Here are a few examples of how we are contributing to their implementation:

good health

Good Health and Well-Being :
our purpose is to make sporting and leisure goods available to people all over the world. By making and distributing sports products that are useful, affordable and of good quality for as many users as possible, we help contribute to healthier life-styles and wellbeing.

clean water

Clean Water and sanitation
Our health depends on the quality of water used in farming, the quality of the water in the seas and rivers, and the quality of the water that we drink. For these reasons, Decathlon has implemented a specific water quality strategy with our suppliers.
Decathlon evaluates and manages its suppliers that eject water into the natural environment to ensure conformity with global criteria fixed by the IFC.
At the end of 2016, 100% of our suppliers concerned will follow this control process.

decent work

Decent work and economic growth :Decathlon acts in order to improve human and social conditions for every one of its industrial factories, which are regularly followed up and monitored. We work hand in hand with our suppliers to continuously improve conditions. Our approach evolves permanently, our intention is to gradually increase how demanding we are in terms of safety and respecting human rights.


Sustainable cities and communities : As part of its expansion strategy, Decathlon has implemented a certification strategy for its buildings. At the end of 2015, 51 sites are certified, including stores, passion brand HQs and warehouses. Decathlon will continue these efforts to environmentally certify their buildings, and develop buildings that create positive energy.


Responsible consumption and production :
To contribute to the preservation of ecosystems in the cotton industry, Decathlon is committed to only using sustainably sourced cotton by 2020 for its Passion brand products (recycled cotton, organic cotton or BCI sourced cotton).
As we have a big role to play in promoting a more responsible consumption, through our environmental labelling initiative, we inform team mates and customers of the environmental performance of our products. This we began in 2015 on our e-commerce site for some textile products.


Climate Action : Because we believe in growth that is sustainable and respectful of the environment, and that the natural environment is our playing field, Decathlon measures its CO2 emissions since 2011, including the impact of our products.
To demonstrate its engagement to sustainable development, Decathlon intends to stabilise its CO2 emissions for 2019 at the same level as they were in 2014.

At Decathlon, we really believe that what is good for people and the environment must have positive impact in the short, medium and long term for our economic success and the sustainable development of our company.

We also believe that our international development will only be achieved if we integrate into our corporate strategy all the social and environmental challenges that the world is facing today.

This report, which is based on our sustainable development policy, presents our main achievements in 2015. You will also discover the various commitments of many of our team mates, in order to make Decathlon more environmentally friendly, more attentive to respecting human rights and more focused on the enrichment of men and women around the world.

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    These pictures were taken during a day of inspiration for our company’s Vision, as part of the co-writing of our sustainable development project, held in France on October 7th 2015, that united team mates, customers and suppliers from all over the world.
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    These pictures were taken during a day of inspiration for our company’s Vision, as part of the co-writing of our sustainable development project, held in France on October 7th 2015, that united team mates, customers and suppliers from all over the world.

Michel’s message

Michel Aballea_Hendaye_5oct2015_LD
Michel Aballea

We need to push ahead together if we are to safeguard our company's sustainable development

Michel Aballea, CEO, Decathlon

At a time when our company is preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary, a collaborative project was launched in 2015 to write our Vision for the next 10 years. To do this, we decided to make all our team mates participate in an innovative process designed to draw on ideas, and to explore and co-write our Vision. When launching this collaborative project, Michel Aballea, Decathlon’s CEO, was keen to make the link between the SDGs and Decathlon’s 10 year vision.

“Member states of the UN have just introduced 17 new sustainable development objectives for the next 15 years.
I had the opportunity to live in India for 7 years; I personally have a keen interest in the issue of education, which, in my eyes, is essential. Similarly, access to safe drinking water is a crucial issue in many countries and we must give it our full attention. Lastly, as I love the sea and all watersports, protecting the oceans is an issue that affects me considerably.
I want to make the link between these objectives and the new Decathlon Vision for the next 10 years. They are our global framework; it’s where our current strategic issues lie; it’s what we have already begun to do and what we need to push ahead together if we are to safeguard our company’s sustainable development.”

(extract from the Company Vision opening speech delivered on 6th October 2015)

montage40ans vision
Honor the past, Invent the future

Matthieu’s message

2016-05 Photo Matthieu Leclercq
Matthieu Leclercq

Our vitality and spirit of innovation will make Decathlon a more responsible company.

Matthieu Leclercq, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Decathlon

At the end of 2015, we organised a Vision Day, as part of our task to write Decathlon’s SD project. This event was attended by team mates, subcontractors and customer users. Matthieu Leclercq, Chairman of the Board of Directors, took this opportunity to talk about the links between Decathlon’s purpose, values, fundamental pillars and sustainable development.

“To make sport accessible to as many people as possible, we can continually lower our prices and sell increasing numbers of products to increasing numbers of users. But on the other hand, we must pull together and innovate in order to reduce our environmental impact.
As Decathlonians, we are the first and foremost ambassadors for our products, and we want to be proud of them.
By observing our users, we can set ourselves the aim of simplifying our products: simplifying the way in which they are made, distributed, used and recycled.
We pay extremely close attention to the personal safety of everyone, whether they work in a store or a factory, or whether they’re simply using our products to enjoy sport.
Because everyday is a new starting line, our company needs to continually reinvent itself. Our vitality and spirit of innovation will make Decathlon a more responsible company.”